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Mystery Guesting

Employee training, Project developement, Consulting

Accredited as Mystery Check within the framework of the German Hotel Classification.

We provide quality controls and employee trainings in the hotel-, cruise- and airline sector.


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Holiday and business hotels exist worldwide, large hotel chains are constantly expanding. The competition is big. The service quality of a hotel experienced by the guest affects the success of a hotel through guest satisfaction and customer loyalty. To ensure this success due to the consistent standard, hotels should regularly perform quality controls in the form of mystery guesting checks.



Our testers visit the hotels to check as normal guests, for the staff not as a tester recognizable. Cleanliness, hygiene, competence, service and safety aspects are scrutinized - from the guest's point of view and from the expert's point of view at the same time. Thus existing potential can be strengthened, deficits can be identified and remedied. Weaknesses and particularly positive aspects are recorded using a questionnaire developed by us and a detailed photo documentation. After the stay, the test results are evaluated and discussed with the customer - if desired also with the hotel management and the service staff.
Professionalism, discretion and reliability are a matter of course for us! We offer our customers many years of experience in the section of service and hotel industry, individual services that meet their requirements, very high quality and flexibility, a timely preparation of the test results.



The extent to which it is tested depends on many specific factors. Of course, we will take care of the customer's wishes and create an individual questionnaire together with you. If you are interested in our services or have questions about prices, please feel free to contact us via our contact form.